Who needs therapy when you have the writings of Marcus Aurelius? Seriously.

At least it works for me, so far. Many times when I start getting overwhelmed or whatever, or even just a little stressed, I just open my ebook reader and the Meditations file and either continue reading where I left off or scroll to any random bookmark. Honesty, that book is full of wisdom, you can read almost any random page and find something.

I think in this day and age of endless, all-pervasive ego, we can all learn a lot from this philosophy. I don't care if it has become somewhat cliché. I still think there's a lot of value in it.

Here I will mostly transcribe quotes, or entire sections, from Marcus Aurelius' Meditations or from other stoic authors, because they said it better, I don't really have that much to add. But maybe also a few "meditations" of my own.

Photo by Christian Heitz