I'm a terrible reader, even if I do read more than the average — at least for the average in Mexico, where I live, I don't know if more than the average in Iceland or those places. But I say I'm a terrible reader because for every 10 books that I start I finish 1, maybe.

So I'll try to keep track of the books I'm currently reading here, actively, let's say the ones that there is still a probability that I'll finish. This list will probably be changing often. No particular order, or classification.

I started working through Linux for Hackers to learn about cybersecurty and networking. I'm still not sure if I for real want to become some kind of hacker —white hat, of course, wink wink— or it's more just a fun way to learn about networking which is something that I find fascinating but so so complicated. In any case, it's a great book, it won't make you a master hacker, for sure, but it's a really good introduction. I will say that the book goes much smoother if you already know a thing or two about Linux; it's a good introduction to hacking, but it is written as if it's targeted to someone who has never used Linux before, and I don't think it's a great introduction to Linux per se.

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